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Pirago Japan
Dinh Viet Phi
Offshore, IT Labor, Solution Consulting
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〒151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1-chōme−14−14 スタンフォードアネックスビル 3 Floor
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1 employees (2021/12)

Provide Solutions based on Web, Mobile (native+cross platform), Big Data, AI, IoT, Computer Vision. After getting requirements from customers, Pirago Japan will arrange suitable Development Team to deliver the most optimal solution, ensure the quality and commit the deadline. Pirago Japan has many experiences in using Software Development Methodology such as Agile, V-model, Waterfall to ensure smoothly development process.


Online advertising

Deloying new generation of advertising system like DSP, SSP, DMP or Display Network. Strong point of Pirago Japan is to collect saving data from users, systems and concerned sides, then using newest Big Data, Machine Learning Technology to exploit maximize data, since improve efficiency of system and service quality.

Smart Manufacturing (IoT, DataVisualize, AI)

Using the power of technology based on knowledge about customer's business to provide the best solutions for manufacturing factory, improve productivity as well as cut down operating costs, reduce operation effort and maximize manufacturing resources. Pirago Japan can apply New technology about Big Data, IoT... to make "smarter" Manufacturing.


Develop automatically E-Commerce System, apply Online Payment, Smart Recommendation and fully adapt for large quantity of users and ensure high security.


Using Internet, Cloud Computing, Mobile telephone, Opened source code software or Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to improve efficiency of banking and investment agency.

Why Pirago Japan?

Japanese Quality: We are young, energetic, enthusiastic engineers who have good technical skills, use Japanese fluently and understand Japanese working style. Pirago Japan confidently brings you the Japanese quality products and services.

Cheap Price, High Efficiency: cheap labor cost but absoluted apply Software Development Process and High Human Resource Quality will deliver high quality products for customer.

Respond high technique: with many experiences in support Big systems, using Cloud, Big Data Analysis, ERP ... we are confident to respond the most strictly and difficulty technique requirements.


Pirago Japan

Address: 〒151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1-chōme−14−14 スタンフォードアネックスビル 3 Floor

Tel: (+81)080 7702 2197

Email: contact@pirago.vn